HW responsible for the automotive industry

Personal characteristics

Good communication and cooperation skills.
Positive and open to change.
Team player.

In this role, you will be part of a composite team consisting of project managers, software specialists and functional/system designers. You will conduct design reviews, support the quality and certification departments with information, compile test plans, analyze test results, manage specifications and lead hardware discussions with suppliers. You should be able to travel a couple of times a year.

Qualifications Required

KY/YH, MSc, BSc in engineering (data IT, electronics, mechatronics) or other education with relevant experience.
Great interest in technology.
Previous experience in a similar field (as well as in HW quality).
English fluency in speech and writing.
B driving license (other is meritorious) .


Knowledge of Six Sigma, FMEA, DV/PV test, ISO-26262, functional development.
Knowledge of standard interfaces to CAN such as MOST, LVDS, Flexray, LIN, Ethernet and USB.

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