The technical consultant company with focus on flexible solutions for both customer and employees.

Lindholmen Kuggen

About CrossCompetence

We are a technical consultant company offering services within areas such as Electrical development (HW/SW), QA,
Project Management and Analysis/verification. We cover most of the roles that occur within the industry.
Our consultants work broadly from concept phase to finished product and aftermarket introduction.
We want to create close and long-term relationships with both customers and employees and find the best
possible match between consultant and assignment.
Our office is located at Lindholmen – Gothenburg.

Inspiring working climate

Our vision is to create a company with a welcoming and inspiring work climate where our employees thrive, develops, and wants to stay over time. We work long-term and want to create continuity.

As we are an owner-managed company, we have short and fast decision-making paths. We believe in the joint and personal leadership.

team work

Services & competence areas

Vacant positions

Please check below vacant positions or just send a spontaneous application.

Experienced tester for the automotive industry

Software developer/ System design/ System engineer

HW responsible for the automotive industry

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