Our services and competence areas

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Consultant at site

We offer consultant services within several different technology areas such as Electrical development (HW/SW), QA, Project Management and Analysis/verification. 

Our offer reaches from function- and system development to test and verification. We cover most types of assignments present within the area of technical consulting. When we recruit, our priority is to find good profiles with at least a few years of experience, for us quality is more important than quantity.
With our long experience, we have a great understanding of the customers’ needs and challenges.


We work to create close and long-term relationships with our customers in order to build a good cooperation and to be able to understand their needs.
Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations for carrying out assignments and being able to offer flexible solutions. An important part of our work is to continuously follow up ongoing assignments, and to listen to future needs.


Our competence areas

Project management

We work with project management within several different areas of expertise and on different levels.

For us, it is important that a project manager/project leader has solid technical training and experience as well as great social skills. This to ensure a good working environment with respect for each individual while achieving delivery precision. 

Experience from Agile development is essential.

Electronics development

We work with everything from system design and HW&SW development to advanced testing and simulations for digital solutions. We can offer help with development of electrical powertrains, autonomous vehicles and telematic/ OTA solutions.


Within the area of Quality Assurance (QA) we work through the entire development process from conceptual studies to aftermarket activities at the end customer. We have competence within all different quality roles such as QM, QA, QE and QT (test). We take on assignment at all levels from leading quality projects to verifying/implementing final solutions.

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